Test run

So I have just about got the bus to the point I can use it.  The last few weekends I managed to get doors on my cabinets, slide out bed made, counter top fitted, sink cut out done and sink partly plumbed and resting in place, hardware on just about everything, made a shower rod out of 1/2 pvc,  some makeshift curtains which I will sew at a later time so they look normal, I’m not a full 100% but once I got the bed in and something of a counter top it was time for a test run. I had a party to attend so parked at the party and brought my dog Lucy along for her first test run. Its was nice not to have to worry about a drive home on a rainy night and to be able to have a couple of pops. It rained through the night and I enjoyed the sound of the rain, both Lucy and I slept well and the bed was comfortable. I was not able to make coffee or heat water for a shower in the morning as the gas tank I just bought at Target has either expired or was used and returned empty. The following day I lost power at home so I was also able to test the heater I bought, the shower and able to charge from my solar set up, so pretty happy with what I have bought so far. If the weather holds out I will start on some painting and other finishes. I had to focus on the house /yard and putting away hoses and getting ready for cold weather, also the house needed some love as the bus has had all of mine for a while.


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