Where did the summer go!

Ok so I’ve been busy with all that summer brings and working on the bus, given the choice to update the blog or work on the bus, well the bus wins every time. I have managed to get a good deal done but still enjoy my summer, but my mind is often filled with plans and what will be tackled next. I’ve so far managed to do most of the bus on my own, pushing through my comfort zone and admitting I don’t know what I am doing. But its my bus so sod it. I’ve had a little muscle help from the kid next door who was hoping to learn from my mistakes! Not sure how much he has learned. But a good deal of the stuff I am doing is solo and to date I’m pretty pleased with what I’ve got done. Brief recap. Seats out, bus painted, removed all parts like AC and heater that doesn’t work and put down a new floor, added a ceiling fan and started on the storage areas that will also be my walls. Hard to level anything when the bus is not on level ground, so I’ve measured but done a good deal of eye balling, might regret that! Hope to get more done this weekend and before weather gets too cold.

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